Here’s Why Attractive Smiles Always Win in Romance
How does your smile rate when you date?

In the game of love, a smile has a whole lot to do with one’s success.

smiles and dating

In fact, a survey conducted by discovered that a whopping 71% of women and 58% of men believe a person’s smile to be the most important feature when assessing a potential date, and in another study, nearly one-third of those questioned claimed that the very first thing they notice about someone is their teeth! So in other words… your smile could potentially make – or break – your romantic connection. Crazy, right? But not so surprising.

An attractive smile = an attractive mind.

A bright and beautiful smile has been shown to be indicative of confidence, success, and happiness – things that are unquestionably desirable in a mate. Have you ever thought, “wow, that person’s really got it together!” after witnessing a winning grin?

A great smile is contagious.

A beautiful and confident smile will bring a positive energy to your date – and will actually inspire your potential partner to smile more, too! It’s actually difficult for people NOT to smile when in the presence of another smile… and that’s been proven. A great smile is also considered to offer a quality of trustworthiness to the person flaunting it – another desirable quality in a partner.

A beautiful smile suggests a healthy body.

A smile reveals a lot about how a person cares for themselves in general. If a person cares enough to maintain their oral health and smile’s appearance, then they’re most likely looking after their body in other ways, too. What does your smile say about your overall health?

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