Dental Scaling for Stubborn Plaque and Tarta
Do your teeth need a scaling treatment?

Over time, our teeth accumulate hardened mineral deposits on the teeth that need to be removed by a professional.

When a person comes in for their routine dental cleaning, there’s a little process called “scaling” that the hygienist may decide is necessary. Scaling is a deeper cleaning that involves the scraping away of tartar and plaque off of the teeth using a special hand-held instrument. The dental hygienist is trained to feel for these areas of buildup and can break up and remove the deposits efficiently using this tool.

reasons for dental scaling

Reasons for Scaling

When bacterial buildup accumulates on the teeth, it requires removal in order to keep the teeth clean and to prevent and manage gum disease. Tartar and plaque tends to collect near the gum line, which puts the gums at risk. Only treatment by a professional will be able to remove these deposits… they can’t be removed at home using only a toothbrush and dental floss! So if you’ve been away from the dental office for a cleaning for more than 6 months, make an appointment with Toronto dentist right away!

Warning Signs of Gum Disease

There are two levels of gum disease. The first stage referred to as gingivitis is more mild, and can be treated with a scaling and cleaning procedure. The second and final stage of gum disease is referred to as periodontitis. This is a severe form of gum disease that only occurs when gum health has been neglected for so long. In this stage, the gums pull back from the teeth significantly and the teeth can become so loose that they eventually fall out.

Prevention is the Best Course of Action

Have you been doing all you can to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean? Routine cleanings with the dental hygienist in conjunction with a thorough daily oral hygiene routine will help you to preserve your healthy smile! If you’re due for a cleaning and check-up, call our dentist in Toronto today!


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