Why Cavity-Prone Teeth Should Receive Dental Sealants Treatment
When it comes to teeth, shape matters…

How susceptible are your teeth to decay?

We’re not talking about your oral hygiene habits this time. In fact, we’re talking about TOOTH SHAPE!

Cavity-Prone Teeth

Tooth shape? What would the shape of my teeth have to do with my cavity risk?

Well, get this: some teeth, particularly molars, have very deep grooves known as “pits and fissures”, where bacteria and food particles can get stuck. These areas can be so deep that they can be extremely difficult to effectively clean out with a toothbrush. And as long as bacteria sit comfortably in these grooves, they give mouth bacteria and acid a chance to attack the enamel, eventually leading to a cavity.

Good news: Dental sealants can protect these teeth!

Fortunately, our downtown Toronto dentist offers a treatment called dental sealants to protect these decay-susceptible areas of a tooth! Sealants are plastic coatings essentially “painted” onto the deep groove or grooves of a tooth, filling in this vulnerable area so that food particles can’t continue to get trapped in them. This plastic coating is safe and extremely effective at protecting pits and fissures from decay. A patient with dental sealants should continue to visit their dentist for their recommended bi-yearly check-ups. This will help to ensure that the sealants are still in good shape and doing their job.

But sealants definitely aren’t the only means of tooth decay prevention. It’s extremely important to brush the teeth twice daily. Also, make sure you’re brushing for a full two minutes each time. And floss once daily… it’s far more important than you might think!

Are sealants right for you or your child?

If you’re interested in learning about whether dental sealants would be right for you or your child, speak to our dentist today. Prevention is always better than treatment… and if you have any decay-susceptible areas on your teeth, dental sealants are a great preventive option.

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