Am I “Craze-y”…Or Are Those Tiny Cracks In My Teeth?!
Let’s Talk About Craze Lines

If you’ve ever noticed any fine, hairline cracks present on the surfaces of your teeth, you’re not alone. What you’ve noticed are most likely “craze lines” – and they’re actually incredibly common, and typically not harmful at all!

Craze lines in my Teeth

Craze lines occur on the surfaces of the teeth only, running vertically. They shouldn’t contribute to any pain, and rarely progress or extent to the deeper layers of the tooth. So if you seem ‘em, there’s really no reason to freak out.

What’s causing my craze lines?

Causes of craze lines include habits like teeth grinding, nail biting, biting down on hard objects/exerting too much pressure, significant trauma or injury, or, craze lines may form due to extreme temperature changes.

While craze lines can pose as a cosmetic concern for some, especially if they have acquired some staining or are very noticeable, the good news is that they rarely go on to cause any serious dental issues due to the way they are formed. However, craze lines can often be confused with deeper cracks that require professional attention. If you’re not sure whether a craze line is, well, just that – or if it’s something to be worried about, tell our downtown Toronto dentist.

Craze Lines Treatment

Noticeably dark craze lines can be concealed with cosmetic dentistry. Some options include a professional teeth whitening treatment to bleach the stain, or a tooth coloured cosmetic bonding treatment or veneers to conceal the hairline crack completely. So if your craze lines are an aesthetic concern for you, don’t be shy to come in and see our dentist to discuss treatment!

Don’t let craze lines worry you!

As mentioned before, craze lines generally never go on to cause any problems. By seeing the dentist for a check-up every 6 months, you’ll be doing what you can to keep on top of any cracks or fractures in the teeth that may have the potential to be harmful. So the bottom line is, don’t stress if you see those minor vertical hairline cracks in your chompers unless you experience troubling pain, or if your dentist tells you there’s a cause for concern.


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